RESUME OF: MARTE THOMPSON - "Where technology is an art..."

Digital Artist, Technical Illustrator, Webdesigner, Commercial Artist,
Powerpoint Presentation Artist, Macromedia Flash Designer, Design Production Technician, HTML/Javascript hand-coder, Site Architect

Cellphone: (408) 667-9751

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Welcome, prospective clients and employers!

I am a professional artist and illustrator, with over twenty years of computer graphics experience on three computer platforms: Macintosh, PC Windows, and VAX (unix). My digital media skills are highly developed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Powerpoint, and ImageReady. I also draw and paint well in traditional mediums. I have many years of project management and art director experience, as well as years of teaching at both the college and corporate level. I taught Graphic Design at San Jose City College from 1973 to 1980, interfacing with students of every age group and ethnic background, and at all skill levels. More recently, I taught InDesign (Desktop Publishing) and Storyboarding (Drawing and Illustration) at Silicon Valley College in San Jose, CA.

I have worked for the software industry, the defense industry, the telecommunications industry, as well as the entertainment (videogame) industry. In all of these industries, I have employed my technical, artistic, and language skillsets to create professional publication products, interactive CDROMs, videogames, educational software, as well as corporate websites.

In September of 1980 I was hired at Lockheed Corporation as a technical illustrator, promoted to commercial artist, and acted as assistant art coordinator in a team of five artists in a large technical publications department. After leaving Lockheed in 1993, I was a 2D digital animator for SEGA of America (1994-5), The Learning Company (1996), and Computer Curriculum Corporation (1997).

In 1997, I created over 200 Adobe Illustrator (vector) drawings that were published in technical white papers, Powerpoint presentations, and online for the release of Oracle 8. I have drawn a great many technical scalable (vector-based) illustrations for Lockheed (1986-1993,) Loral (1995,) and Northrop Grumman (1996.) I have been principal designer on several e-commerce websites, including an intranet portal for Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, CA.

Since 1999, I have been a fulltime webdesigner, bringing both my raster (pixel) and vector skillsets to the web. I am expert in both raster (Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator and Flash) digital art. I handcode HTML (XHTML) and DHTML (HTML plus Javascript) and I am very familiar with Cascading Style Sheets. I prefer to handcode, but I can also use any of the WYSIWYG tools, such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and Homesite.

I am proficient in Flash sites, which can be seen by the examples in my portfolio. I srtive to stay current in the changes in Adobe and Macromedia products since the (historic) merger.

Because I have worked in many types of design environments, I am capable of handling very creative as well as more mundane and repetitive projects. I am willing to share information, as well as ask questions. I enjoy learning new technologies. I am a team player. I am patient, understanding and considerate of others. Because of my background as Community College instructor, I work well with people of all ages, and have trained engineers both older and younger than myself. I enjoy collaborating with co-workers and team members.

My software skills include Photoshop, Flash, Quark, Acrobat, Powerpoint, ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Homesite, Dreamweaver, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, JavaApplets, FTP tools, browser issues, etc. - Arts Directory